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About OlympiaRPG

Welcome to OlympiaRPG. We are a Minecraft roleplaying server with a colossal custom world and our own homemade roleplay class plugin.

Join a town and become part of a community, or fight alone. Explore the wilderness and discover our many custom biomes and maybe you'll make enough money, to settle your own town.

Gain XP by fighting and killing your enemies in town warfare or slaughtering mobs in the wilderness. Choose one of our 9 combat classes and gain rewards and new abilities as you progress through the levels.

Combat classes


The fabulous purple space wizard.


The master of gadgets and technology.


The master of the wilderness and ranged combat.


The herbal healer with next to no damage.


The vile cultist who poisons and tortures their enemies.


The master of stealth and sly combat.


The glorious warrior, lover of battle.


The deadly ice wizard who chills their enemies.


The fire wizard, pyromaniac and general anarchist.

A little confused?

If you want to have a little more information about the classes, nations or any other subject, you can always reach out to our Wiki.

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Vote for OlympiaRPG

Voting will get you 500 gold (the server currency) and 500XP towards your class!
You'll also gain a random loot bag!

Our shop

Have you ever wondered where the purple names came from? Take a look at this page.

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Join us on Discord

OlympiaRPG has a great community, who are very active on the server as well as on Discord. Receive new updates about the server and get in touch with everyone off the community easily!