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The asterite is a magical space wizard who utilises the colour purple, glitter and astral magic beyond your comprehension to bend space and time and summon powerful destructive abilities.

Level Skill Description Cooldown Damage
1 Aster Blaster Fire a fabulous purple beam at your enemies dealing damage upon hit, goes through walls. 3 30
1 Wormhole Teleport to your target location using the power of the colour purple! 15 0
1 Stellar Burst Create a blinding dazzle of glittery magic which will stun and blind your enemies for a short while. 25 0
5 Forcefield Emit a wave of harmless energy in a dome around you, to push enemies back. 10 0
10 Corporeal Enlightenment Afflict anyone damaged by you with a glow which can be seen through walls. Passive 0
15 Smite Call down lightning on a location. 15 50
20 Astral Shield Create skintight suit made of magic, which absorbs damage 40 -100
25 Purple Rain Summon a flurry of purple rain down onto your enemies dealing heavy damage over a large area. 15 55
30 Arcane Aura Defend your personal space with damage to everyone nearby every 5 seconds, for 60 seconds. 60 40
35 Empyreal Sky Summon a shower of space debris onto your enemies dealing heavy damage to anyone caught in the blast. More damaging than Chelyabinsk. 45 72
40 Astral Fire Fire a colour bomb which explodes into a small damaging puddle of purple. 20 25/s
45 Singularity Summon, from deep space, a black hole to suck your enemies in and immobilise them for a few seconds. 40 0

The Asterite has 130 health and its unique weapon is the astral staff.