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The engineer has a large arsenal of weaponry: shotguns, springrazors, landmines, and to top it off - a slightly unstable exploding jetpack.

Level Skill Description Cooldown Damage
1 Frag Grenade Throw the grenade, wait for a moment then... BOOM! 25 5
1 Jet Boost Propel yourself straight up into the air and land with a damaging rocket-fueled explosion. 18 40
1 GPS A radar which will tell you if there are any player within 1000, 500, 100 and 50 blocks, respectively. 5 0
5 Repair Stop for a moment to patch yourself up. 20 -40
10 Mech Suit Enhance your physique with technology, allowing you to run faster and jump higher than ever before. Passive 0
15 Landmine Place an almost invisible temporary trap, lasting approximately 2 minutes, which will deal a large burst of damage when stepped on. 30 100
20 Self-Destruct Take your enemies down with you, as you explode upon death. Passive 75
25 Electrocute A hitscan bolt of electricity. 5 35
30 Shotguns Ever wanted a cheap shotgun? Well now you can make one! Passive 21
35 Spring Razor A close ranged trap, which lacerates all nearby enemies a few milliseconds after being placed. 15 60
40 Stun Grenade Throw a grenade which blinds and slows your opponent for 7 seconds. 35 0
45 Tesla Coil Harness lightning to do your will, as you seal off an area with a swarm of lightning strikes. 90 40 per bolt

The Engineer has 160 health and it has two unique weapons: the handgun and the shotgun (the shotgun unlocks at lvl 30)

Handgun.png Handgun Shotgun.png Shotgun