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The engineer has a large arsenal of weaponry: shotguns, springrazors, landmines, and to top it off - a slightly unstable exploding jetpack.


Initial Unlock:

Frag Grenade - Throw the grenade, wait for a moment then... BOOM!

Jetpack - Propel yourself straight up into the air and land with a damaging rocket-fueled explosion.

Spring Razor - A close ranged trap, which lacerates all nearby enemies a few milliseconds after being placed.

Level 5 Unlock:

Shotguns - Ever wanted a cheap shotgun? Well now you can make one! (recipe below)


Level 10 Unlock:

Landmine - Place an almost invisible temporary trap, lasting approximately 2 minutes, which will deal a large burst of damage when stepped on.

Level 15 Unlock:

Faraday Cage - Harness lightning to do your will, as you seal off an area with a swarm of lightning strikes.

Unique Weapon

The engineer can craft two weapons, the handgun and the shotgun. The handgun is immediately craftable and the shotgun unlocks at Lvl5.