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On Olympia RPG you can create a deity and worship it by creating an alter. You can then pray to your god by right clicking the alter. Additionally, your god may give you quests such as sacrificing items or mobs, specify which animals are holy and must not be killed, or which are unholy and should be destroyed. You should complete these quests and pray frequently, as well as spreading the religion to other players. Otherwise your god may become angry and smite you. There are also rewards for completing quests, for example a god might grant a follower food or strength.

To create an alter you must create a structure like the one below.

Redstone torches are female gods, normal torches are male gods.

You place a block, then put a torch (redstone or normal) on top. Then place a sign, and put the name of the god on the first line. You can create multiple altars for one god. Any follower can create an altar.

The torch determines the god's gender, redstone torches make female gods, and normal torches make male gods. The block you use determines the kind of god you create.

You can use the following blocks:

  • Snow Block: Frost god.
  • Diamond Block: God of love.
  • Obsidian: Evil God.
  • Lapis Block: God of the sea.
  • End Stone: God of the moon.
  • Sandstone: God of the sun.
  • Quartz Block: God of thunder.
  • Emerald Block: Party god.
  • Netherrack: God of war.
  • Log: God of creatures.
  • Bookshelf: God of widsom.
  • Melon: God of nature.