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The huntsman knows the wild like no man, masters of stalking their pray and ranged combat a huntsman can deal heavy damage from afar and has plenty of mobility to keep a healthy distance from his prey.

Level Skill Description Cooldown Damage
1 Iron Hail Send a swarm of arrows onto your foes, this cluster has some spread meaning you can hit a whole team if they are foolish enough to be close together. 15 50
1 Scavenge You rummage in the bushes and forage for food using your untold knowledge of the wilderness. 60 0
1 Cripple Shot The next shot that hits a target will slow and deal heavy bleed damage over time. 35 2/s
5 Grappling Hook You pull yourself to your target location, use this to keep a safe distance from your enemies. 15 0
10 Hunter You deal more damage to your non-human prey. Passive 0
15 Bear Trap Place a bear trap on the ground, when an enemy triggers it they are immobilised for quite some time, use this time to damage them heavily. 30 50
20 Frozen Arrow Each arrow you fire will chill it's target and give them slowness for a minute. 60 0
25 Bite A close range attack which will make an enemy bleed. 15 6/s
30 No Drawback Rapid fire! Bowmania! Fire arrows at a much faster rate, without needing to draw your bow, but with slightly less power per shot. Passive 0
35 Explosive Arrow Fire as many arrows as you can in 10 seconds because each of them will make a small AoE explosion. 30 35
40 Ender Arrow The next arrow you shoot will teleport you where it lands. 45 0
45 Arrow Storm Summon a rain of arrows that will annihilate anyone caught underneath this cloud of death. 50 40 per hit

The Huntsman has 130 health and its unique weapon is the bow of burning gold, which fires multiple arrows at once.