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The mystic is the resident healer class, it deals little damage but has a knack for staying alive and in a team fight it will win you the battle with it's powerful AoE heals and buffs.


Initial Unlock:

Sporepatch: summon some poisonous flora in your surrounding area, anyone who enters this area will take significant damage as long as they stay there.

Fey Drift: become an ethereal floating green and blue ball which can take no damage and can fly (up to a limited height) for a few seconds, use this to evade damage.

Rejuvinating Downpour: heal all party members surrounding you with healing raindrops.

Level 5 Unlock:

Soul Mist: a passive that gives a small regeneration effect to all allies nearby including yourself.

Level 10 Unlock:

Entangle: immobilise your target with the roots of the surrounding fauna disabling their movement for a short while.

Level 15 Unlock:

Strength of the Wild: give a massive buff to yourself and any surrounding party members, gives several powerful potion effects which will make your team a mighty force to be reckoned with.

Unique Weapon

The mystic can craft the twig with the following recipe, it heals allies but damages enemies.