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The occultist corrupts and poisons the area arounds them, then pulls their enemies towards them for a slow and agonising death.

Level Skill Description Cooldown Damage
1 Plague Incapacitate a target with blindness, slowness and nausea, and a little bit of damage, for a few seconds. 15 2/s
1 Death's Grip Pull a fleeing foe back towards you. 10 0
1 Sickness Infect a target with slow and poison. 20 Poison
5 Cripple Is your opponent too manouverable? Not anymore, this'll slow them down. 30 0
10 Curse Curse a strategic target before battle to deal extra damage to them. 60 x1.5
15 Life Sap Bleed away your opponents lifeforce and use it to replenish your own. 50 +3 -3 /s
20 Darkform Run and jump like some sort of demon bunny. 30 0
25 Bonespear I was told this needed tibia more humerus description. 15 55
30 Rotflesh Randomly gain health every so often from watching your enemy's pain. Passive 0
35 Cursed Ground Taint the ground so that who steps into the cursed circle is dealt damage over time. 30 13/s
40 Toxic Cloud Rain toxic slime down upon enemies which deals damage within an area. 30 7/s
45 Pestilence Emit a deadly wave which afflicts nearby foes with every affliction imaginable. 50 50

The Occultist has 180 health and its unique weapon is the polearm, which has knockback and afflicts nausea.