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The reaper class uses soul fragments. This is not to be confused with souls, which are the currency used in the Black Market.

Class Description

The reaper's power comes from it's ability to harvest soul fragments, these are earned each time the reaper uses an ability (after level 10), or through the ability Absorb Soul.

Level Skill Description Cooldown Damage Soul Cost
1 Summon Scythe Reaper summons his scythe linked with his soul essence (base damage 10). 60 2/soul 0
1 Glancing Strike Reaper releases a burst of soul essence in the form of blinding light, ripping through enemies in front of him. 3 25 0
1 Distort Existence Reaper phases out of existence briefly going invisible. 10 0 0
5 Soul Pressure Reapers immense soul causes the area around him to become pressurised, slowing enemies who are caught inside the aura. 30 0 0
10 Soul Fragment For each skill reaper casts, he gains one soul fragment which increases his soul essence, thus the damage on his scythe, and also increasing his health. Passive +3/s 0
15 Soul Release Reaper releases a cluster of soul fragments. These travel slowly toward the target before exploding on impact, soul release takes up 5 soul fragments. 30 15/hit 5
20 Soul Flash Reaper phases through time teleporting a short distance exerting 2 soul fragments as he does so. 20 0 2
25 Absorb Soul Reaper tears away fragments of the enemy’s soul, healing him and granting speed. Reaper also gains 3 soul fragments 25 +30HP -3
30 Vital Vision Each melee attack has a chance to deal double damage striking one of the targets vital points in a bloody show of precision. Passive 20% 0
35 World Pierce Reaper creates a terrifying rip in the current world with his scythe which travels a great distance, anyone caught in its path takes huge damage. 15 55 0
40 Transfer Reality Reaper swaps places with his target, slicing his enemy as he does so. 25 20 0
45 Calamity Sphere Reaper creates an area connecting the outer worlds to the current, any enemies caught inside will suffer. 40 105 0

The Reaper has 110 health and its unique weapon is the scythe which cannot be crafted, only summoned. Maximum health increases, based upon the number of soul fragments you have. The scythe gains damage, depending upon the number of soul fragments you have.