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The shade is the master of stealth, they can become invisible at will and have excellent mobility and acrobatic skills.

Level Skill Description Cooldown Damage
1 Black Dart Fire a shimmering blade at your target, penetrating their skin and dealing a fair amount of damage. 2 20
1 Backflip Spring backwards into the air and take no fall damage as you land. 15 0
1 Dodge While active, all attacks against you have a 50% chance of missing. 40 0
5 Eviscerate A short range AoE, you slash at all the foes around you, dealing heavy damage. 15 60
10 Double Jump You can double jump, but it does make you hungry quickly. Passive 0
15 Bleed Cut your enemy so that they take damage over time from their wound. 15 5/s
20 Shadowstalk Become invisible for a short while, ends on damage dealt by you. 120 0
25 Web Throw a bundle of webs which will slow anyone unfortunate enough to be caught in their grasp. 25 0
30 Backstab When you hit an enemy, or friend, from behind you deal extra damage. Passive 0
35 Dash Use your agility to dash to your target location, dealing AoE damage to anyone around you when you arrive. 15 65
40 Shadowsphere Blind your surrounding enemies for a short while, useful if you need to make a quick getaway. 30 0
45 Blade Wraith Summon a beautiful spiral of flying knives to obliterate your surrounding enemies. 30 35/hit

The Shade has 120 health and its unique weapon is the dagger, it deals a short bleed to whomever is unlucky enough to be cut by it.