The Dark Zone

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What is it?

The Dark Zone is a corrupted world, abandoned by its previous inhabitants and currently populated by monsters more twisted and powerful than the ones in the overworld. It now serves as a battleground and treasure trove for those who dare to return to it.

Dark Zone ship.png

When is it?

The portal to the Dark Zone opens every two hours.

Dark Zone Clock.png

Where is it?

The Dark Zone.

Dark Zone YAH.png

Why does it exist?

The Dark Zone allows higher level classes to fight each other and more challenging customized mobs, using their skills. It is also has many puzzles and dungeons which contain god tier loot.

Dark Zone AngelDemon.png

How do I enter the Dark Zone?

The Dark Zone opens twice a day. There will be an announcement explaining how to join just before it opens, then you can use the command /dz to sign up.

Once the sign up period is over, (if there are at least 4 participants) you will be immediately transported into the sky above the Dark Zone and given a book which contains all the rules.

Remember to prepare your inventory and don't take anything you don't want to lose.

Dark Zone announcement.png

How do I exit the Dark Zone?

You will be given a compass, which points to the exit portal, located in the centre of a bottomless pit.

But the exit will not open until half of the players are dead. Then you have 10 minutes to escape.

The last person only has 2 minutes to escape.

Dark Zone exit.png

Why would I ever go to such a terrible place?


The Dark Zone has armour and weapons enchanted beyond the normal default enchantments. It also has scrolls containing abilities from all the classes and powerful world bending spells. Finally the Dark Zone is the best place to get lots of souls, since for each match there is a pool of souls which is split amongst those who escape. These can be used to purchase items at the Black Market.

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