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The vanguard is the meathead, the warrior the brute force of the team and will indeed batter enemies skulls in with a large arsenal of close range damage abilities.

Level Skill Description Cooldown Damage
1 Sunderstrike A short, sharp blow to your enemy dealing fairly high damage. 10 30
1 Charge Propel yourself forward into battle with a mighty charge, any enemy unfortunate enough to be caught in your path will be pushed rather violently away from you. 20 10
1 War Cry You let out a mighty cry which causes an opponents legs and arms to turn to jelly. 25 0
5 Battle Standard A small AoE heal for you and your allies. 30 -8/s
10 Melee Master You are a more adept swordsman and deal more damage because of it. Passive 0
15 Kick Kick an enemy backwards, dealing damage. 10 45
20 Juggernaught You become the master of close-range combat, you receive numerous buffs which will turn you into the ultimate fighting machine. Your strength, speed and regeneration will make you unbeatable! 30 0
25 Slash Deal a hefty blow of damage at close range. 30 50
30 Blood Thirst Slay your foe, draw and quarter their corpse, and feast upon the tastiest quarter to gain a quarter of their health. Basic maths. Passive 0
35 Mighty Blow Deal an even heftier blow of damage at close range. 45 120
40 Rampage You become enraged, like a ferocious beast, granting you extra strength for a time. 45 0
45 Pain Train You like trains and sometimes pretend to be one, anyone you touch will be knocked into the air by your locomotive strength. 55 Train dependant

The Vanguard has 190 health and its unique weapon is the excalibur, which steals the souls of it's victims, each soul gives a small boost to the damage dealt by the sword up to a maximum of a 300% boost.