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The warden is a maneuverable class, who likes slowing enemies, freezing enemies, and devouring ice cream.

Level Skill Description Cooldown Damage
1 Chill Blast "No! No! Fancy men are defenseless against cone of coldness!" Its a burst of damaging coldness, in a cone. 3 25
1 Ice Wall Conjure forth a chilling wall of ice which will stop any approaching enemies. 60 0
1 Encase Freeze an enemy in place. 35 0
5 Propulsion Fling yourself forward in the directing you are looking. 15 0
10 Windwalker Grant yourself constant speed and jump boost. Passive 0
15 Force Push "You think you're some kind of Jedi, waving your hand around like that?" Watto is sent flying back into the air 15 30
20 Riding the Winds Its like riding a horse but slightly higher. 55 0
25 Snow Cannon Fire a volley of snowballs out of your face for a few seconds. 35 35/hit
30 Frozen Armour Protect your soft squishy body with a suit of icy armour. 60 0
35 Flurry One might describe it as a shotgun blast of deadly snowballs. 20 60
40 Ice Bolt Its like a snowball, but with stones and ice in. 3 30
45 Blizzard Make a concentrated blizzard in an area, which slows and damages enemies. 50 55/hit

The Warden has 150 health and its unique weapon is the glacial staff, which damages and slows a target.

Glacial Staff.png