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The warlock likes his steak... well done.

Level Skill Description Cooldown Damage
1 Fireball A medium range projectile, made of flaming death. 6 30
1 Dragon Wings 'Fire' yourself up into the sky. Hehe Warlock pun. 15 0
1 Soot Puff Blind an enemy with the sooty skills of a chimney sweep. 35 0
5 Blazing Feet Feel the burn as you run faster than ever before. 40 0
10 Nethercore After playing with fire so much, it no longer burns you. Passive 0
15 Dragon's Breath Breathing the fire of a mighty dragon, puffing out a fireball like a whimpy ghast, same difference right? 15 85
20 Burning Trail Leave a damaging trail of flames behind you as you walk. 25 18/hit
25 Ignition Set an enemy on fire and watch them burn for a while. 30 15/hit
30 Phoenix Heart If you die whilst your Phoenix Heart is active, you will rise from your ashes, reborn. 180 0
35 Fire Storm Multiple jets of fire rain down from the heavens. 45 100
40 Flamethrower Step 1:Point at an enemy. Step 2:Send a burst of flames into their face. Step 3: Laugh. 15 70
45 Pyroclasm Emit a burst of beautiful fire in a circle around you. 55 100

The Warlock has 140 health and its unique weapon is the staff of embers is a short ranged weapon, which sets an enemy on fire for a second or two.

That item is a fire charge, it is not magma cream.

Staff of embers.png